Current recruitment/jobs market in the UK following COVID 19

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Global Pandemic Helping Professionals To Switch Career


There is no doubt that 2020 has been a strange and difficult year so far. Not only did the UK formally leave the European Union at the start of the year, but as March arrived, the global pandemic reached UK soil. With a difficult couple of months left of this year, and Christmas fast approaching, many businesses have been forced to shut down, leaving thousands of professionals unemployed. Despite an increase in redundancies across the country and many people working from home, COVID-19 is still impacting daily life and for those without a job, the winter may appear a bleak prospect. But, for those ready to adapt to the new employment market, there are many exciting opportunities to take advantage of. As more companies are forced to accept remote employees and flexible working hours, this is a wonderful time to switch career and achieve a better work life balance.


How Unemployment Is An Opportunity


Unemployment is on the rise, but as more people find themselves without a 9 to 5, the more opportunities there are to switch career. It’s all too easy to become set in a routine. Waking up and heading out to work each day doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to consider your career and job satisfaction. Only when you find yourself without employment, can you start to reflect and consider your options again. For some people, this has been the first time they’ve been unemployed for several years and this makes for a much needed reality check. Were you happy in your role? What did you achieve in the past couple of years? What would you have done differently? These are important questions to ask yourself if you have recently become unemployed. Perhaps your position lacks career progression, or maybe you want to switch career and do something more creative on a daily baisis. It’s time to stop viewing unemployment as a scary and daunting prospect and consider it a wonderful chance to transform your life.




Jobs In Demand During a Global Pandemic


There are also certain jobs and positions that are growing in demand due to the global pandemic. Careers in digital marketing, website development and AI programming are on the rise, as businesses race to outperform each other online. More jobs are now accepting freelance and remote workers than ever before due to the global pandemic, which is helping full-time parents earn an income while balancing family commitments. Entry-level virtual assistant roles in customer service, call centre support and social media marketing are opening up, giving lower-skilled professionals the chance to jump ship and take on a new and exciting online role. The employment world has changed, but for those with ambition and courage, now is the perfect time to advance your skills and switch career.




Switch Career With Job Heaven


If you are currently unemployed or are concerned that your position might be at risk due to the global pandemic, don’t panic. At Job Heaven, we have over 170,000 jobs currently available for those searching for a new and exciting position within the UK. Use our online platform to filter through our current opportunities and find a new job that will give you a better work-life balance, reason to develop your skills , or use your industry experience to drive the UK economy forward. Take some time to analyse your current situation and take your life into your own hands. You have the power to change and switch career, so what are you waiting for!


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