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Darren Bell Recruitment

Darren Bell Recruitment - Clare Evans (Regional Business Development Manager)

In the short time that we have been working with Job Heaven, we’ve been really impressed.  As a new start up we are always very careful not to over commit ourselves in terms of fixed costs, and when we were first approached our attitude was not the most positive in terms of allowing him the opportunity to begin an engagement model with us. But we very quickly learnt the error of our ways. 

Once we began our free trial with Job Heaven we quickly appreciated that it would be detrimental to our business if we didn’t sign up for the long term. In the last 2 months our delivery stats have increased considerably - we owe this in part Job Heavens large candidate database, but more so to the excellent candidate attraction we received through advertisements, their investment in this area has certainly paid off.

I am happy to recommend The Job Heaven Job Board.

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