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Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be scary, but by considering a few things you should be prepared for whatever comes your way!

Get to know the team.

Starting at a new place may feel quite intimidating but the best thing you can do is get stuck in straight away. Be enthusiastic about meeting your new work colleagues and try to take time out from working to get to know them each individually, asking things such as where they’re from and how long they’ve worked at the company.

An easy way to get to know your colleagues is by going out with or arranging social occasions such as after work drinks or group lunches, this way you get to interact with them in a less formal manner.


Set objectives.

When starting a new job it is hard to know what your objectives and goals will be. The best thing to do would be not to start with too many expectations, being realistic about your aims especially in the early months will help you settle in. Trying to impress and volunteering to take on a lot of work load can set you up for a fall, stay realistic and set yourself some wiggle room in case the tasks take longer than you first thought. Do whatever task you are assigned to the best of your ability to make sure your manager or boss notices.


A Slow vs. Fast Start

Some companies would want to ease you in to the company, probably by giving you training and some courses to make you aware of what is required of you. However some companies expect you to know what you’re doing which is the reason you were hired and throw deadlines at you expecting you to be able to complete the tasks. You would know what type of company this would be prior to starting as they would express this in the interview process. What ever the case, expect to give your all as soon as you begin.


Trial period.

Different companies have different ways of carrying out the trial period, some companies provide training where as others provide you with a mentor. Productive use of this time would be valuable for you to be able to get use to your new environment as well as colleagues. If you have any issues during this time make sure you make your mentor or manager aware so they can assist you in resolving it. At the end of this trial period there is usually a meeting between you and your managers to discuss how your progression has been and what your future objectives should be.