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How to Market Yourself

In this day and age, getting to your Job Heaven doesn't just mean having the perfect C.V and aceing an interview. Social networks are becoming an increasingly important part of daily life, with the majority of people having a social presence on multiple forms of media.


Did you know that one in five bosses carry out a background check using social networks, meaning your interests and images may become relevant than you think to your future prospects.


You can use this to your benefit by expanding your personal branding. By this we mean edit the content on your social media to the form you think companies would deem employable, so limit the wild party shots as best you can! 


Take the time to create a LinkedIn page, not only is it free but almost all the top professionals are on there and this is a site that can help improve your networking skills to no-end. We know how important LinkedIn can be as a tool, so at Job Heaven when you register as looking for work we have built in the option to be able to take your details directly off your LinkedIn page. We like to keep things simple for you!


As a Graduate you might not have as much work experience as the next candidate, so it is important to showcase your skills as best you can which sometimes goes beyond the realms of the bog standard C.V.


One way to do this, particularly if you are applying for a role that is more creative, is to sign up for an online portfolio and give prospective employers the chance to see your work before they decide whether to call you for an interview. A quick Google search can turn up a wealth of free portfolio sites that could help you get the job of your dreams.


We understand the importance of marketing yourself to potential employers and with that in mind we encourage you to link your Job Heaven profile to your LinkedIn page, online portfolio or website. It's just a couple of clicks and you can be on your way!