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Graduate Search Tips

Well done, you’ve graduated! And with a degree tucked neatly under your belt it’s now time to start the dreaded job hunt.

In these tough times, searching for a job can be a difficult exercise, so here at Job Heaven we have compiled a list of search tips to help you through the process.


Do Your Research

Find out what your degree is applicable to, history graduates don’t have to be historians. The generalist nature of humanities degrees means that graduates develop a wealth of core skills and it’s up to the candidate to add the cherry on top of their application. For example developing computer skills such as Photoshop if you are after a creative role, or Excel if you are looking for a more administrative roll. Spending time researching the job description means you’ll be well equipped to wow in an interview!


Don’t Limit Yourself

This tip ties into tip number one, a lot of degree skills are transferable. For example don’t rule out a career in marketing because it wasn’t your degree topic. Organisational, computer and English skills are all important in this type of position so tailor your application to include relevant skills and you are sure to be considered.
Compile a spider diagram of the areas you are looking into for work and what other vacancies you could apply for within this area. Broadening your search will definitely open more doors for you.


Getting Your Foot In The Door

There are a plethora of internship and work experience placements out there that can help no end to spruce up your C.V.
It’s difficult to consider an internship when you’ve just finished university and are looking to earn big bucks, but don’t underestimate how an internship paid or unpaid can will be your foot on the employment ladder.


Keep Going!

One of the main things to remember in the job search process is don’t lose heart, it’s difficult to keep the enthusiasm going if you aren’t getting the responses you’re after. But make sure that you keep up a high standard of applications because you never know what opportunities will come a-knocking!

Keep these points in mind when searching for your Job Heaven, and we’re sure you’ll get there sooner rather than later!