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Graduate Interview Tips

Well done! You’ve got an interview, so now it’s time to get yourself ready for the face to face meet with your potential new boss.

Just to help you along, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to get you through this stage of the job hunt process.


Image matters

Appearance is the first thing you’re interviewer will judge. Before they even ask you to take a seat if they notice a stain on your shirt you could be ruled out before you’ve even opened your mouth.  The job search is hard enough already without being ruled out for wearing a creased blouse, so make sure you are presentable and have your outfit washed and ready to wear the night before so that you don’t fall victim to what shall I wear syndrome.

Body language falls under this category as well. If you slump in your chair it looks like you aren’t interested in the position, so sit up straight and smile. Remember you want to look like you want this job!

Research, research, research!

Get to know as much as you can about your prospective employer. Check out their website and social media presence if they have one.
However don’t be tempted to spout back verbatim the contents of said website, because the chances are an interviewer will know the content of their own website and aren’t looking to test your memory.


What’s the plan, Stan?

As well as researching the company history, make sure you know where the actual place is! Plan your route and give yourself enough time to get there, making sure you factor in rush hour if you need to.
To be on the safe side give yourself half an hour breathing space, because it’s better to go for a walk and kill some time then end up running full pelt into the office and arriving a hot and sweaty mess!


Preparation is the key.

Make sure you take a copy of your C.V and cover letter with you, in case the interviewer asks for it, you will always look better to be prepared then scrambling around in your bag for something you should have brought with you.
The same goes for bringing your portfolio if applicable, references and examples of your work are great to have on hand in a nice shiny folder then pulled out of your bag with tissues and bits of fluff attached! 

As well as having all your paperwork, think about having some questions ready for the employer, delve into the role that’s on offer and if it’s not been mentioned maybe you could enquire about the computer systems used? If you are unsure about the kind of questions you might get asked in an interview, we have also taken the liberty of compiling a few potentials and the Do's and Don'ts of how to respond so make sure you take a look here.


Remember to keep calm and most of all Good Luck!