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Graduate C.V Tips

At Job Heaven we know that getting a foot on the ladder of your chosen career can be tricky as a Graduate. It's tough to get a job without experience so you need to make sure you are giving out great C.Vs that catch the eye of potential employers.

With that in mind we’ve developed a 5 step plan of what you should include in your C.V when applying for that ideal job.


Name and Personal Details

This is the easy part; your future boss doesn’t need to know your mother’s maiden name so stick to the basics.  Name, address, contact number and email address should cover everything they need.  

(While we’re at it keep your email address professional. Having the address is not cute. It never was. And it is definitely not showcasing the professional you!)


Education and Training

Start with University and work backwards. If you are applying for a job that is related to your degree, go into more detail about your course units and include relevant information that will make you stand out from the crowd.
Make sure you include extra courses you’ve been on and a brief summary of what they entailed.


Personal Profile

First of all, let an employer know you are a recent graduate, what you studied and how you think this can help you in the job you’re applying for. What are your personal strengths? Be aware of stock phrases in your C.V, it is a guaranteed fact that employers will have heard the phrase ‘great team player’ before.

Include a sentence about what you do in your spare time and be honest but not too honest. Drinking with your mates every night isn’t going to win you that all important job!

Work History

Include ANY employment you’ve had. Don’t be scared to say you worked on your Dad’s fruit stall at the weekends as long as you put a relevant spin on it, something like -‘working for a family run business selling produce every week’. What did you achieve? Working in a fast paced environment?  
Nothing is irrelevant if you sell it in the right way; include the full name of the company and a sentence explaining what the company does.  

If you havent got any experience, then get some! In these tough times any experience can get you ahead. Post degree and while your job hunt is underway, volunteer. As well as keeping you away from the T.V and the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle, work experience looks great on your C.V.


Additional Skills

This is the section to brag in; things like being au fait with the latest computer software will definitely score you points. But make sure you’re honest; you don’t want to get caught out in an interview.


Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to churn out quality C.Vs that cover all the information employers need to know. Upload your C.V here at Job Heaven and wait for the interviews to come rolling in!