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Graduate Cover Letter Tips

Don’t underestimate the power of a cover letter. It becomes hard to see how important they are when you are sending out 20 applications a day, but this is you’re opportunity to communicate directly with a recruiter and let them know who you are. Chances are that they will receive hundreds of applications, so the Cover Letter is a chance to make yourself stand out.

Remember to keep these letters brief, about a side of A4. This ensures that a potential employer doesn’t lose interest and it also means that you have to work harder to make everything you say relevant. Operate on the system that if you can’t fit it in the cover letter reasonably then it isn’t worth putting it in!

We have turned Cover Letter Writing into an easy 4 step process, and if you stick to these sections with every letter you write you will have covered all the points you need to.


1. Set the scene.

Let the employer know a bit about your background, what degree you have done / are doing, and why you are ready to start the job search process.


2. Research / Why you suit this role.

Research is the key part of this one! Make sure that you have taken the time to investigate the company you are applying for. Check out their website and find out information about the ethos of the company, if they are creative bunches who like a laugh then make sure that you emphasise how you would slot into their team.


3. Info about yourself and achievements

This is the time to brag! Keep it short and sweet and most of all keep it relevant.

Don’t be afraid to mention past work achievements, and use phrases such as ‘throughout this I was constantly praised for my calm and methodical approach’. Being a graduate you might not have previous employment to mention. If this is the case, it will hinder you in the application process. Don’t rule out working in your local charity shop, writing for magazines, blogs. If you haven’t got any experience, try to get some.

If this section is looking a little bare, don’t rule out mentioning extra-curricular activities and hobbies to at least bulk this out a bit.


4. Closing Statement

Now is the time to get your potential employer to see why they should hire you! Reiterate any key points, tell them what this opportunity would mean to you and what you would do with it.

Then sign off…

Yours Sincerely,

Job Heaven