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Writing your Graduate C.V.

How to get through writing your first Graduate C.V!

In these tough times, there is no room to make a mistake when sending your C.V to potential employers. Follow these failsafe graduate writing tips when creating your curriculum vitae and you should find yourself in the yes pile of any company!

Keep it Simple!
Employers are inundated with applications. If you can’t get across that you are the right person for a role in a paragraph, it’s probably not the job for you!
Be Honest!
A bit of creative licence is allowed, but don’t fill your C.V with lies because you could be the one who gets caught out in interview.
Don’t be a comedian.
Showcasing your personality is for interviews. Unless you are applying to compere at the Comedy Store don’t try and be funny and while we’re at it keep your email address professional. Having the address is not cute. It never was. And it is definitely not showcasing the professional you.
Got no work experience? Get some!
In these tough times any experience can get you ahead. Post degree and while your job hunt is underway, volunteer. As well as keeping you away from the T.V and the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle, work experience looks great on your C.V. Whether it is in your local charity shop or library everything is valuable or you could search online for magazines that need writers, mystery shopper jobs, or reviewers.

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