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Interview Questions

Interview Questions - The Do's and Don'ts!

Although you may not be able to predict all the questions in preparation for an interview, you are able to practice the ones that you would expect. Below are a few examples of questions likely to be asked during your interview process:


Tell me a little about yourself.

This is a standard opening interview question, asked not only to find out about you but also to break the ice a little. But remember you are still in an interview; this is not an excuse for casual small talk. Talk about your education or work experience but make sure you can make it relevant to the role if questioned later on in the interview.

Do: Briefly cover your work history and education.
Don’t : Tell them your life story, including favourite pubs or T.V shows.


What do you consider your weaknesses?

Firstly you have to acknowledge the fact that you DO have a weakness, we all do! The best way to answer this is to take one of your weaknesses and demonstrate using examples of how you are trying or have overcome it.

Do: Outline your weakness and how you have or are trying to overcome it.
Don’t: Claim that you have no weaknesses.


Why do you want to work for us?

The question is asked for the interviewer to be able to see how much interest you have in the company and the industry it’s in. This would also be a good point to state how you can stand out from others who are applying for the same position.

Do: Make sure you’ve done your research about the company and industry prior to going to an interview.
Don’t: Come to the interview having done no background research.


Where do you want to be in five years?

When answering this you should show ambition but still remain realistic, for example for an entry level position your response could be about career progression but for a senior level position it could be about helping move the company forward.

Do: Show your intent by aligning your career goals with the objectives of the organisation.
Don’t: State something unrealistic or farfetched, or worse still not even possible within the company you are applying for!


Do you have any questions?
What the interview usually ends with, make sure you ALWAYS say yes. Even if you ask something simple, the fact that you have said yes shows that you are keen and haven’t just been sat their waiting to get out.

Do: Ask relevant questions, whether it’s about the company, e.g. “what are the companies plans for the future?” or about your role, e.g. “what responsibilities would I have day to day?” but always end with “when can I expect to hear from you?” 
Don’t: Say no and look at your watch.


The main thing to remember is to smile, be positive and stay calm!

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