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Asking for a Pay Rise

Are you feeling overworked and under paid? If the answer’s yes then it might be time for you to ask for a pay rise.

This can be one of the more tricky subjects to broach with your Employer so at Job Heaven we’ve come up with the best way to approach them and to hopefully get a good outcome!

Ask for a Meeting.

This may seem obvious but don’t start negotiations with your Employer from across the office, ask for a meeting and give yourself time beforehand to know what you’re going to say.

Be prepared.

Make sure you are prepared to discuss why you are worth this pay rise. What have you achieved, why do you deserve it, what you bring to your role and why is now the time for you to get it. You will have to sell yourself, so make sure you show passion for what you have achieved and what you want to achieve within your company.

Do some research into the average salaries roles in your industry so you have a point of reference for the amount you think you should be paid.


Get your timing right.

Make sure you time asking for an increase in salary well. If you know the company has not reached targets lately then it is not the right time.
If the company is getting the money in, and you or your team have reached your targets, then you will be able to justify getting a pay rise.
How long ago was your last bonus or pay increase? If it was within the last year, why do you deserve another one so soon?

These are all points to consider before you ask for the initial meeting with your employer.


Don’t be downhearted!

If for some reason you don’t get the pay rise you wanted, the temptation may be there to throw a bit of a wobbler but don’t burn your bridges!
Just because it hasn’t happened yet, this doesn’t mean your employer doesn’t value your contribution to the business, just keep working hard and then try again in another 6 months.